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Welcome to BootCamp Xplosion Do you want to look better, feel better, or perform better?

BootCamp Xplosion is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. What this means is you are going to perform a wide variety of exercises; weightlifting, and various modes of conditioning mixed in as many combinations as possible. BCX is scalable to anyone’s fitness level, from an elite athlete to the first timer. Anyone can perform the same workout, just at different skill and intensity levels. BCX is the ideal training program for everyone; athletes, moms, dads, teens, kids, seniors, anyone and everyone.  BCX promotes a healthy lifestyle through fitness, eating healthy, and being active.  BCX is for everyone! From the general fitness enthusiast to the elite athlete, anyone and everyone can benefit from the unique training methods used by BootCamp Xplosion. This is not your typical day at your local gym, members will be using non-traditional, but truly functional equipment. Some examples are: ropes, sandbags, bodyweight, bands, and various other implements that will challenge you both physically and mentally to improve your overall health and fitness, prepare you for your sport, and make you a more functional person. BCX is definitely the “Baddest Boot Camp in Baton Rouge”

BootCamp Xplosion's boot camps consists of FUN, CREATIVE, CHALLENGING, and EFFECTIVE workouts designed to get you feeling good and looking great! People of ALL fitness levels, male or female, can participate and will receive an awesome workout experience. You will be challenged and motivated to work at your highest capability, whatever that may be. Anyone from the extremely conditioned to the de-conditioned can be a part of BootCamp Xplosion!

Regardless of your age or fitness level, if you live in or around Baton Rouge, or the Ascension Parish area, and want to get in shape, drop those extra pounds, build muscle, and actually have fun while doing it, BCX is for you!

Our BCX training philosophy is "INTENSITY EQUALS RESULTS"

There's no way around it. If you want any type of results from a training program, IT HAS TO BE INTENSE!

Your BCX training sessions will combine STRENGTH, ENDURANCE and CONDITIONING exercises that will work your entire body. You'll train all muscle groups and your cardiovascular system during each FUN and EFFECTIVE boot camp session. Everyone, no matter their fitness level, will get an intense workout that will leave you feeling challenged and with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Through countless hours of research and training clients in the gym, we have come up with the most effective fat loss muscle toning training programs.
Also researchers have found that our type of exercising (the kind we do in our bootcamp workouts) to be 9x's more effective than traditional cardiovascular exercise and will elevate your metabolism up to 48 hours after exercising!!!
This means that not only are you burning more bodyfat in the workouts, your metabolism will be elevated for a FULL TWO DAYS after the workouts.  You will be burning fat even in your sleep!
You will be ramping up your metabolism and turning your body into a fat burning machine!!
One of the best things about our boot camps is that BCX is for all fitness levels.  We have a 59 year old man training beside a college athlete and still have them training at their own intensity levels.

up to 5% reduction in bodyfat
1-3 lbs of fat loss per week
Significant strength gains
Regain self confidence
Improve heart health and cardio fitness
Sleep better, increased daily energy

BCX... It's time to do something for YOU!
BootCamp Xplosion is a COMPLETE FAT LOSS and MUSCLE TONING PROGRAM with Workout and NUTRITION PLANS designed for people who are serious about getting fit in record time. And don't worry, we start off slowly and progressively increase the challenge of the workouts. 
When you enlist in BootCamp Xplosion, you'll make a dramatic improvement in your physical and mental well-being. The BCX environment is positive and motivating for both, the mind and body!

In no time you'll begin to acquire a completely new body that will no doubt make you proud!
You'll also meet great people who share your same passion for developing a healthier body and mind.
This is your chance to stop with all the excuses and do something great for yourself. How long have you been wanting to get in shape, lose weight, etc.? How often do you take care of others and put everything before yourself? 
Now it's your turn.

Do something for YOU by joining BootCamp Xplosion.

Start your FREE WEEK today!

All are welcome


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